Responsible Tourism in Russia

Responsible Tourism in Russia

We want that further generations will still be able to enjoy living in this gorgeous country. Together with you, as our traveler, we want to protect the environment and work in a sustainable way.

Russia is the largest country in the world with huge reserves of natural resources. But if we do not take responsibility now, our descendants can lose it fast. Therefore, it is so important for us to start changing our approach to business as a whole and our attitude to nature. Tourism in Russia has been developed for a long time now, but responsible tourism is just beginning its way. Many people don’t think about it, not because they are wrong or unintelligent, but because they simply do not know about it and need to be introduced to and educated. Sustainable development of responsible tourism can not only help preserve, but also improve the ecological, economic and social situation in many areas of this amazing country.

While traveling with us, you can help us:

• to maintain the biodiversity of nature and even to protect endangered animals and plant species;

• to respect local people, cherishes cultural heritage and values, as well as promote tolerance and understanding of different cultures;

• to benefit economically, which makes it possible to look for new opportunities for transition to renewable resources for accommodation facilities.

«Take only photographs, leave only footprints».

Our Mission

We are a Travel Company that creates unique travel experiences in Russia. We work to offer tours and activities to the most interesting places. We provide you comfortable and eco-friendly accommodations and develop the best services with special facilities. Our guides are intelligent people that will present you new destinations and help you get unforgettable experiences. Our mission is to improve sustainable tourism in Russia and, as a result, to develop regions on the economic, environmental and social development.

Our Vision

By 2025 be the leading travel agency operator in Russia in eco-tourism activities, environmentally sustainable.

Our Aim

Our aim is to be the best example of responsible tourism in Russia with its actions framed under eco practices – responsible and sustainable tourism that generate local economic, social and environmental benefits.

Benefits of Sustainability

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