Sakhalin and Kuril Islands


Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands (briefly – the Kuriles) – this is the land where nature can be seen in all its pristine power. There are no historical attractions, but there are volcanoes and waterfalls. The reverse side of untouched nature is poorly developed transport in the region. To visit some attractions need to get on the SUV or on the water And the Kuriles are deservedly considered one of the most inaccessible places in Russia: they can only be reached from Sakhalin by issuing a pass.

The capes of Sakhalin are extraordinarily picturesque: the Giant with natural arches and Aniva with a dilapidated Japanese lighthouse. It attracts active tourists to the mountain Lopatin (the highest on Sakhalin), Vaida with the most interesting caves, Zhdanko ridge and Chekhov peak with virgin vegetation. You can rejuvenate in Lake Tunaicha or Daginsk thermal springs. And lovers of wild animals book a trip to Tyuleny Island – one of the few fur seal rookeries in the world.

The nature of the Kuril Islands is incredible. On the island of Kunashir – four active volcanoes, two lakes in volcanic vents and Cape Stolbchaty. The island of Iturup is famous for the waterfall “Ilya Muromets”, with a height of 141 meters – one of the highest in Russia. He also boasts White Rocks and nine active volcanoes. And on the island of Shikotan there is a real  end of the land – a narrow cape with rocks of forty meters height.

Sakhalin and Kuriles – a godsend for extreme lovers. If you have the courage, you can walk along the slope of an active volcano. Rough rivers with difficult rapids as if created for fans of rafting. Divers tend to get to the island of Moneron, where in the waters of the warm Tsushima current there is a unique marine fauna. Skiers waiting resort “Mountain Air” near Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. And all the others are delicious mushrooms, berries and crab meat, a real chance to meet a bear in the forest.