14 days / 13 nights

Uymon valley – Krasnaya Mountain and seven lakes – Museum of Old Believers in Verkhny Uymon – Roerichs Family Museum – Museum of Stones in Verkhny Uymon – Bashtalinskie Lakes – Panoramic view of Belukha Mountain – Museum of the Sun in Bashtala – Ust-Kanskaya Cave – Museum of Altai culture in Ust-Kan – Geyser Lake – Mountain Spirits Lake – Pazyryk mounds – Chulyshman Valley – Natural monument “Stone Mushrooms” – Katu-Yaryk Pass – Rapid Malysh of the Chuya river – The Valley of Mars – Panoramic views of the North Chuya and South Chuya ridges – Karakol Nature Park Uch-Enmek – Cave drawing in the Kalbak-Tash tract

Experiences: 2

Ages: 10 – 75+

Starting Point: Novosibirsk/Barnaul/ Gorno-Altaysk

Ending Point: Novosibirsk/Barnaul/ Gorno-Altaysk


We offer you to take a trip to the sacred places of Altai, to the most remote and unique regions of the Altai Republic filled with special energy and preserved the unique nature and culture of the peoples living in this area. The itinerary passes through five regions: Ust-Kansky, Ust-Koksinsky, Ongudaysky, Ulagansky and Kosh-Agachsky. The tour combines the conditions of comfortable accommodation and the ability to touch the pristine nature. The healing climate of Altai and the powerful energy of the mountains will have the most beneficial effect on your body and soul. Meetings with amazing people, keepers of knowledge and ancient traditions, will help you to see the world differently, to open new horizons. Such a journey gives useful knowledge, transforms consciousness, gives unique experiences and impressions that will stay with you for life!


Novosibirsk - Ust-Koksa. Departure from Novosibirsk at 20:00. Place of departure - 65, Sovetskaya str. (local time, difference with Moscow is +4 hours). Departure from Barnaul (Novoaltaysk) at 23:50. Place of departure - restaurant and hotel complex ``Oblepikha`` (13, Dorozhnaya str., Novoaltaysk, Novoaltaysk city district, Altai Krai). The road passes through the famous Chuya Highway in the rocky ridges of the Altai Mountains, then along the Kansk steppe to the Uimon valley.

  • bus / minibus 825 km / 640 km

Departure from Gorno-Altaysk (airport) at 10:00-11:00. Uymon valley (Uymon steppe) is amazingly beautiful, an intermountain basin between theTerektinsky and Katun ridges located in the south of the Altai Republic. In 1926 it was visited by the Central Asian expedition of the great philosopher, artist and scientist N.K. Roerich. He believed that at this very place the city of the future should be built and the new civilization will rise here. Ust-Koksa is the largest settlement in the Ust-Koksinsky district, located at the confluence of the Katun and Koksa rivers, was founded in 1807. In the Ust-Koksa at the foot of the Terektinsky ridge there are burial mounds of Scythian time (VIII - V<br /> centuries BC) and two burial mounds of Afanasiev culture (IV - III thousand BC). Arrival in the village of Ust-Koksa. Accommodation in hotel. Lunch. Walk to the confluence of the rivers Katun and Koksa (place of power). Dinner. Meal: lunch, dinner in café.

  • minibus 375 km

Rafting down the Koksa river. Rafting down the Koksa river. The Koksa river is surrounded by picturesque mountains covered with dense forest. The rafting starts from the village of Tyuguryuk and ends in the village of Ust-Koksa. Seething riffles, majestic mountains, aplace where the Gromotukha river empties into the Koksa – you will see all this during the water journey. On the rafting lunch is organized, you can relax on the banks of the river, enjoy the beautiful views and swim. Meal: breakfast in café, lunch by the river (packed lunch), dinner in café.

  • Car 30 km by water 40 km

Tour to Krasnaya Mountain. Tour to Krasnaya Mountain (by UAZ or GAZ-66). Breathtaking views of the mountains, alpine meadows, 3 mountain lakes - lower, middle and upper. Lower and middle lakes are connected by a beautiful waterfall. Picnic by the lower lake. Meal: breakfast and dinner in café, lunch – picnic.

  • Car 120 km on foot 3-10 km

Tour to the village of Verkhny Uymon. Tour to the village of Verkhny Uymon, one of the oldest villages of Ust-Koksinsky district. The village was founded by old believers about 300 years ago. There are two museums in the village: the Museum of Local History named after N.K. Roerich and Museum of Old Belief. During the tour you will cross the entire valley on the right and left banks of the Katun, pass the Altai and Russian villages, visit the foothills of the Katun and Terektinsky ranges. Meal: breakfast and dinner in café, lunch – picnic.

  • car 60 km

Tour to Bashtalinskoe Lake. Tour to Bashtalinskoe Lake, which is located at an altitude of 2400 m. Panoramic view of Belukha Mountain. Lunch in the cedar forest. Meal: breakfast and dinner in café, lunch – picnic.

  • Car 16 km on foot 2-5 km

Museum of the Sun and a meeting with the herbalist. Museum of the Sun in the village Bashtala was created by a Novosibirsk enthusiast, a master of wood carving, Valery Lipenkov. The exposition of the museum is the image of the Sun in a variety of versions of Valery Ivanovich, as well as numerous works of masters from around the world, including children. Valery conducts a tour inside the museum, during which he plays various musical instruments. After that the meeting with the herbalist, a fascinating story about the healing properties of herbs of the Altai Mountains and in the end tea ceremony with tasting the most fragrant herbal teas with high mountain honey. Meal: breakfast and dinner in café, lunch – picnic.

  • Car 10 km

Tour to Altaika Mountain. Tour to Altaika Mountain, where a fine view opens to the village of Ust-Koksa, the Uymon valley, and, in nice weather, beautiful Belukha Mountain!!! You can also choose a trip to the Multinskie Lakes, horseback riding, or enjoy a massage and cedar barrel sauna. Meal: breakfast, lunch, dinner in café.

  • on foot 8 km

Moving to Chibit. On the way visit of Ust-Kanskaya cave (length 17 m, height 12 m), where a Paleolithic site was discovered. Archaeological finds from this cave are kept in the Hermitage Museum. Next, a tour to the Museum of National Altai Culture dedicated to the history, traditions, religion and culture of the Altai people. Possible meeting with the museum's founder and author of the book ``Altai Belik`` Shodoev, interesting conversations on philosophical topics. Next on the road – Karakol Nature Park Uch-Enmek and cave drawings in the Kalbak-Tash tract. Meal: breakfast, lunch, dinner in café.

  • bus / minibus 375 km

Tour to the Valley of Chulyshman to the Stone Mushrooms. Visit the famous canyon, the valley of the Chulyshman river. Radial access to the sacred gorge Ak-Kurum, where the famous ``stone mushrooms`` are located, an amazing phenomenon of nature, listed in the Red book of Russia and Altai. Meal: breakfast and dinner in café, lunch – picnic.

  • Car 300 km on foot 4km

Rapid Malysh. Walk to one of the most difficult rapids of the river Chuya, located in a picturesque gorge. Meal: breakfast, lunch, dinner in café.

  • on foot 8 km

Tour to the On the road you will see the green meadows in the shade of the trees, a bright ribbon of the calm river Chuya, glittering in the clear air of the snowy peaks the North Chuya and South Chuya ranges. At the end of your journey you will find yourself in a purple-red and completely deserted place that resembles Martian landscapes. Meal: breakfast and dinner in café, lunch – picnic.

  • Car 200 km on foot 2 km

Tour to “Mountain Spirits” Lake (8 hours). The road goes through the village of Aktash, past an abandoned mercury mine to the Kuraisky ridge. After a short climb on the ancient moraine you will see the amazing beauty of the “Mountain Spirits” Lake (height 2369 m). And from the observation deck, located at an altitude of 2629 m, you will discover the charming panorama of the North Chuya ridge, and the valleys of the rivers Chuya and Mazhoya. Meal: breakfast and dinner in café, lunch – picnic.

  • Car 200 km on foot 2 km

Morning tour to ``Geyser`` Lake (3 hours). Today we have a short trip to unique ``Geyser`` Lake, the depth of which is only two meters, and through the crystal-clear water you can see the bizarre circles formed by numerous springs, breaking like geysers from the bottom of the lake. Return to the tourist complex. After lunch free time. Departure from Chibit at 17.00. Arrival in Gorno-Altaysk at 22.00. Meal: breakfast and lunch in café. Accommodation: night transfer

  • Car 14 km, on foot 2 km

Arrival in Barnaul (Novoaltaysk) at 03: 00. Arrival in Novosibirsk at 07:00. (Local time. The difference with Moscow +4 hours)

  • bus 620 km to Barnaul, 800 km to Novosibirsk

What's included

  • Accommodation

    Tourist complex according to the itinerary

  • Meals

    3 meals a day according to a program

  • Transport

    Airport transfers and all transportation according to the itinerary

  • Excursions

    Interesting sightseeing tours with professional English-speaking guides
    Entrances fees

  • Visa

    Visa support service (invitation)
    All permits and licenses

  • Support

    Emergency line support during the trip
    Registration of foreigners

  • Other

    All taxes and fees
    Pack-horses rental (5-th and 8-th days)
    Special equipment (tent, sleeping bag, mat, backpack, equipment for camp-fire)


  • Flight

    International and domestic flights

  • Meals

    Other meals what not include in the program

  • Drinks

    All beverages not included in the program

  • Insurance

    Your insurance

  • Transport

    Additional transport what not include in the program

  • Optional Excursions

    Optional tours and services

  • Other

    Accommodation in hotels in Novosibirsk or Barnaul
    All personal expenses


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Optional Costs

EURO 320 supplement for accommodation SNGL

What to pack

- warm jacket

- rain gear

- trekking boots, trainers and slippers

- track-suit and warm hat

- 2 - 3 T-shirts, shorts

- 4 pairs of simple socks and 2 pairs of warm ones

- cap and sun-glasses

- bathing suit

- flashlight, knife, matches, electric batteries

- personal tableware

- personal hygiene utensils

Please keep in your mind!

For entry in the Ust-Koksinsky district, foreign citizens must provide some relevant documents to cross the border zone, 60 days prior the proposed date of entry!

Foreign citizens should submit the following documents to travel agency:

- copy of passport

- address

- phone number

- information on the work site (name, address, phone number)