6 days / 5 nights

Irkutsk – Taltsy –  Listvyanka – Listvyanka – Tankhoy – Listvyankan – Listvyanka – Irkutsk – MRS  – Khuzir (Olkhon Island) – Olkhon Island, Khuzhir – Khoboy cape – Olkhon, Khuzir – Listvyanka – Irkutsk

Experiences: 1

Ages: 0 – 75+

Starting Point: Irkutsk

Ending Point: Irkutsk


This tour is for those who is going to Baikal for the first time and who wants to see its best sights while travelling with comfort.


On arrival to Irkutsk a guide will be waiting for you who will accompany you for the duration of all tour! Acquaintance with all participants of the adventure. Get-together is set up for 10:00 am, please, buy air tickets with account of arrival time not later than 09:45 am. After a long flight you will have an opportunity to have a cup of coffee leisurely and get your baggage. Later you will get to know Irkutsk history but now Baikal is waiting for you. On picturesque Baikal highway you are going to Listvyanka, a hospitable, vivid village. On the way to Listvyanka we will stop and take a walk in the territory of famous in our region the Taltsy museum (the museum complex of wooden architecture) that is one of the five biggest open air museums in Russia! There you will find four reconstructed historico-cultural zones representing four native nationalities of the Baikal region: Buryat, Evenk, Russian and Tofalar. You will get to know about their mode of life and cultural peculiarities. After a walk and photo session, energized by the spirit of Siberia we will go on. And here it is – Baikal! It gives exciting and nice feeling. Lunch in a restaurant with panoramic view – the first meeting with Baikal cuisine. Rest, walks along Baikal shore. Right opposite the Baikal Museum of ISCSB RAS is located that we recommend you to visit. Your guide will tell all the most interesting things about Baikal and will guide you to aquariums where will meet you with charming Baikal seal. At the end of the day you can meet your first Baikal sunset at a height of 800 meters (lift by a funicular). For the next two days you will be accommodated in the cozy Demidov’s estate located in walking distance from the Baikal shore. Dinner, free time. Meals: lunch (in restaurant) – is included in the price of the program, dinner – independently.

  • 8 hours (transfer ≈2,5 hours, excursions and walks ≈5,5)

After tasty domestic breakfast together you are going to the berth. Here, a personal speed boat with a Baikal captain who has passed more than hundred storms will be waiting for you! Your course for today – the village Tankhoy on the opposite shore, the Republic of Buryatia territory, that means you will participate in Baikal Lake crossing (40 km) and you will find yourself in a real National Park! It is a great opportunity to visit the Far East without leaving Baikal. Just imagine: here alpine tundra is excellently combined with fir-cedar taiga; here in environs of Khamar-Daban mountain range roe deers, Siberian deers, deers and of course sable inhabit and bears roam! Here mountain rivers originate, feeding Baikal. Incredibly beautiful and truly reserved places! First of all, you will visit a visit-center and then you will take a short walk along the eco trail accompanied by a ranger. Admire the unique nature, enjoy the fresh forest air – it is so great! You will have a lunch in the real winter cabin, taiga herbal tea, funny stories and a rest with all your heart! In the evening we will come back to Listvyanka by the same route, by the sea. Dinner at restaurant, rest and great healthy sleep! Meals: breakfast (at the hotel café), lunch (picnic) – are included in the price of the program, dinner – independently.

  • 8 hours (≈2,5 hours of water crossings, excursions and walks ≈5,5)

The morning of the third day you will meet as well slept, refreshed and vigorous. Olkhon Island and travel to Big Baikal are waiting for you ahead. We hope that in Olkhon you can feel “all the depth of the Lake”, its geographical and aesthetic immensity. On the way to Olkhon we will stop in Irkutsk and will see the beauty of this glorious city. Embankments, monuments, churches, carved wooden storm shutters aged under 300 years, sparkling windows of newest high-rise buildings, cozy squares and busy plazas – it is a city of contrasts, but with its own harmony – you can see for yourself. After one hour on the way from Irkutsk we will stop at the Golden Horde ethnic park where you can connect with culture of indigenous population of Baikal area – to listen to fascinating throat singing, to have a lunch in the big Buryat yurta and to take a part in master-class of making traditional Buryat dishes - buuzy meat dumplings. After lunch we will continue the journey. You will not notice how we passed almost 300 km and you will not get tired at all – we will have many stops by remarkable places on the way. Then, in order not to wait in a queue to a ferry and to combine pleasant with interesting – we will take a boat and will leave to Ogoy Island. This Island has never been inhabited by people and it is considered to be “a pure land”, that is free of negative energy. More than ten years ago the Stupa of Enlightenment was established here. It is considered that Buddhist stupas are meant to dissolve negative interferences in the world, favor locality and benefit to people especially to those who visit them consciously. After arriving on the Island you will be accommodated in Baikalov Ostrog hotel complex, stylized in imitation of Cossacks fort. Checking into the hotel. You will have time to take a rest and prepare for dinner. In the evening you can take a walk along the shore or to go to legendary Shamanka Rock, Burkhan cape to seeing off a sunset. It is the most recognizable place, so loved by many painters and hymned in poems and songs. Meals: breakfast (at hotel), lunch (at cafe), dinner (at hotel complex) – are included to the program price.

  • 8 hours (≈7 hours of auto transfer, ≈30 minutes ferry site)

After so many eventful days we recommend you to enjoy morning landscapes, to walk along the shore, to ride by bicycle or just to read to the sound of waves. It is absolutely nowhere to hurry. Post meridiem, after lunch you will start on comfortable minivans to look round the Island till its north point (the length of the Island – almost 72 km, for comparison: Boracay in the Philippines is 10 times smaller, only 7 km). This route, from the south to the north, lets you to see all natural variety of the Island: At first, the road will go through the small woods, then you will observe hills and steppes, further you will cross the Sandy bay (Urochishe Peschanoe). The bay proves its name, real dunes will appear before your eyes! Further you will see unique “rock complexes”, especially Sagan-Khushun cape shows up (we also call it “Three brothers”). And finally you will arrive to the north of the Island – Khoboy cape (in buryat language means “ a fang”), this place is special, sacral. Exactly here you can feel as at the Island’s end like at the world’s end, endless water space of Baikal will appear before you that will let you feel a part of the universe. Precipitous rocks, absolute silence, endlessness of sky and smooth surface of water – it seems that Eternity is settled down here. And what will you feel? After dinner-picnic, filled with impressions and real Baikal power, we are going back to Khuzir. Meals: breakfast and lunch (in hotel complex), dinner (picnic) –are included in the price of the program.

  • ≈7 hours (transfer ≈5 hours)

All the most interesting things we have seen already on Olkhon Island – it is time to say goodbye to such a hospitable, wonderful and mysterious Island. The first half of the day we will not rush anywhere – everyone will have an opportunity to stay alone with yourself, to spend this day in your own way and to say goodbye to this places that already imprinted on your heart for such a short time. Towards the evening the group will get together and will depart to the southern part of the Island. Here we will get on boardof such a rare transport – the boat with underwater wings. On this speed boat you will glide along the picturesque west coast of Baikal – rocky coasts, green forest, colorful beaches, blue sky and fluffy clouds will float far away – catch the moment! And far off you can see beautiful Khamar-Daban peaks – the mountains on the east cost of Baikal Lake where at the bottom of the mountains you were in the beginning of the tour! In the late evening you will arrive to Listvyanka from where you will be transferred by bus straight away to Irkutsk, to “Ibis” hotel. Accommodation in comfortable double rooms. Meals: breakfast (in hotel complex), dinner (lunch-box on boat) – are included in the price of the program, lunch – independently.

  • 7,5 hours (5 hours of water crossings on the speed boat, 2-2,5 hours on auto)

Please, purchase flight tickets for your comfortable departure time, we will organize a personal transfer for you depending on your flight data. Meals: breakfast at hotel.

  • ≈ half an hour

What's included

  • Accommodation

    Listvyanka village, Demidov’s estate, comfort double rooms, 2 nights;
    Khuzhir village, Baikalov Ostrog hotel complex, comfort double rooms, 2 nights;
    Irkutsk, Ibis hotel, comfort double rooms, 1 night;

  • Meals

    meals according to the program

  • Transport

    transport services according to the program

  • Excursions

    Interesting sightseeing tours with professional English (or German, Spanish or French-speaking guide)
    Entrances fees

  • Visa

    Visa support service (invitation)

  • Support

    Emergency line support during the trip

  • Other

    All taxes and fees
    FSB coordination
    Provision with tents and sleeping pads


  • Flight

    International and Domestic flights

  • Meals

    Other meals what not include in the program

  • Drinks

    Alcoholic beverages

  • Insurance

    Your insurance

  • Transport

    Additional transport what not include in the program

  • Optional Excursions

    Optional tours and services

  • Other

    All personal expenses


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Optional Excursions

Diving arrangement (in Listvyanka) (from 5 500 rubles/person)

Pottery master classes (from 500 rubles/person) and blacksmithing master classes (from 1500 rubles/person)

Meeting with a shaman (in Olkhon Island) (from 12 000 rubles/group)