10 days / 9 nights

Novosibirsk – Ust-Koksa – Koksa River – Red Mountain – Verhniy Uymon village – Tyurgunda River – Multinskije Lakes

Experiences: 1

Ages: 10 – 75+

Starting Point: Novosibirsk/Barnaul

Ending Point: Novosibirsk/Barnaul


Altai – the pearl of Siberia, some few beautiful places on the planet such as Altai. You definitely need to visit – very hard to find and impossible to forget this pristine beauty and harmony. One of the most beautiful places in the Altai is Uymon Valley (Uymon steppe) – the intermountain basin between Terektinsky and Katun ridge on the south of the Altai Republic. In 1926 there visited the Central Asian expedition of the famous mystic philosopher, artist and scientist – Nicholas Roerich. He believed that it is here to begin the flowering of a new civilization. In the meantime, it is one of the favorite places for nature lovers. It is noteworthy that the valley mastered enough to provide comfort for travelers, while at the same time they visit the unique natural and cultural monuments.


Early arriving to Novosibirsk. Transfer to Ust-Koksa. The road goes along the famous Chuysky Tract, once a main route of Russia - China trade. The road goes along Kanskaya steppe and finishes its run in Uymoskaya valley. The change of different landscapes and natural zones provides the traveler with general impression of this unique region of Asia. Arrival to Ust-Koksa. Lunch (for extra charge*). Getting the equipment. Instructing. Dinner (for extra charge*).

  • Minibus 725 km

Rafting on the Koksa River. Koksa River is surrounded by picturesque mountains covered with dense forest. There is a rafting for inexperienced people: 2 breathtaking segments and 2 second category riffle - Stupenchatyi and Gromotuhenskiy. After rafting - outdoor lunch and rest with picturesque views. Breakfast and Dinner in cafe, lunch in picnic style.

  • Auto 30 km afloat 40 km

Tour to the Red Mountain (by Gaz-66 or UAZ all-terrain vehicle). Spectacular views of the mountains, alpine meadows, 3 mountain lakes - the lower, middle and upper. Lower and middle lake connected by a beautiful waterfall. Picnic on the bottom lake. Breakfast and Dinner in cafe, lunch in picnic style.

  • Auto 30 km on foot 3-5 km

Tour to the Verhniy Uymon village. The village is one of the oldest settlements in the area and was founded by religious group of old believers more than 300 years ago. There are two museums in Verhniy Uymon village: Ethnographical museum named after famous artist Rerih and Museum of old-believers’ religious traditions and culture. Breakfast and Dinner in cafe, lunch in picnic style.

  • Auto 60 km

Tour with herbalist. Museum of Sun. The sun museum - image of the sun in various embodiments of Valery Ivanovich, as well as numerous works by artists from around the world, including children. Valery conducts a tour of the museum, in which plays a variety of musical instruments. After lunch meeting with the herbalist, a fascinating story about the healing properties of herbs of the Altai Mountains, and in the completion of the tea ceremony with tasting of fragrant herbal tea with mountain honey. Breakfast and Dinner in cafe, lunch in picnic style.

  • Auto 16 km on foot 1-2 km

Trip to the mouth of the Tyurgunda River, to the stone statues of the Turkic period. The group of monuments belongs to VI-IX centuries. There are more than 3000 the Turkic fences in Altai Mountains. The researchers argue that the Turks put the stone images - balbals in funeral constructions of his soldiers in the number of enemies killed by him. During the tour you will visit the local monuments: Roerich's stone on Katun River, Ak-Koba pass, the Swans tract, Katanda water source, Civil War monuments. Lunch-picnic.

  • Auto 200 km

Free day. You can visit viewpoint with view to the beauty Beluha Mountain or get horse riding. One day tour to Multinskije Lakes also available.

Check out at 16:00. Free time. Departure to Barnaul/Novosibirsk at 20:00

  • Auto 640 km - 825 km

Arrival to Barnaul/Novosibirsk. Arrival to Barnaul at 07.00 a.m. Arrival to Novosibirsk at 10.00 a.m.

What's included

  • Accommodation

    Tourist complex according to the itinerary

  • Meals

    3 meals a day according to a program

  • Transport

    Airport transfers and all transportation according to the itinerary

  • Excursions

    Interesting sightseeing tours with professional English-speaking guides
    Entrances fees

  • Visa

    Visa support service (invitation)
    All permits and licenses

  • Support

    Emergency line support during the trip
    Registration of foreigners

  • Other

    All taxes and fees


  • Flight

    International and domestic flights

  • Meals

    Other meals what not include in the program

  • Drinks

    All beverages not included in the program

  • Insurance

    Your insurance

  • Transport

    Additional transport what not include in the program

  • Optional Excursions

    Optional tours and services

  • Other

    Accommodation in hotels in Novosibirsk or Barnaul
    All personal expenses


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    end: Thursday 07/02/2020
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    price: € 820
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    price: € 820
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    end: Thursday 09/03/2020
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    price: € 820

Optional Costs

EURO 180 supplement for accommodation SNGL

What to pack

- warm jacket

- rain gear

- trekking boots, trainers and slippers

- track-suit and warm hat

- 2 - 3 T-shirts, shorts

- 4 pairs of simple socks and 2 pairs of warm ones

- cap and sun-glasses

- bathing suit

- flashlight, knife, matches, electric batteries

- personal tableware

- personal hygiene utensils

Please keep in your mind!

For entry in the Ust-Koksinsky district, foreign citizens must provide some relevant documents to cross the border zone, 60 days prior the proposed date of entry!

Foreign citizens should submit the following documents to travel agency:

- copy of passport

- address

- phone number

- information on the work site (name, address, phone number)