8 days / 7 nights

Barnaul – at Lake Teletskoye – Zaimka Kono – Silver Springs – Manzherok – Chemal – Blue Lakes – Springs Arzhan-Suu – Belokurikha – Belokurikha-2 – rock Church – Swan Lake – Barnaul

Experiences: 1

Ages: 10 – 75+

Starting Point: Barnaul

Ending Point: Barnaul



Morning arrival in Barnaul. Meeting at the airport. Transfer to the city center, breakfast in the cafe. Short sightseeing tour of the capital of the Altai Region. After the tour, transfer to the pearl of Gorny Altai - Teletskoye Lake. The lake ranks fifth in Russia among the deepest (325 m). Length 78 km, maximum width up to 5 km. Its area is relatively small - 223 km², but due to its great depth it contains a huge amount of excellent fresh water, oxygenated, transparent to a depth of 15 meters. On the way we make a stop in the homeland of V.M. Shukshin, a famous Altai writer, actor, director, in the village of Srostki. In Gorno-Altaysk will be lunch and a visit to the National Museum named after A.V. Anokhina, with one of its main exhibits - the mummy of the ``Altai Princess`` found on the Ukok Plateau. The sarcophagus with the mummy is open according to a certain schedule of the museum. Arrival at Lake Teletskoye, accommodation at the Altai Village Teletskoye Hotel 5 * in comfortable double rooms. Dinner on the restaurant menu (for extra charge*).

  • Altai Village Teletskoye Hotel 5 *
  • 430 km - car

After breakfast excursion on a snowmobile / ATV to Kono's lodge! First part is training with instructors, after it driving along the old forest roads to a cozy cedar house covered in warmth and light, 2 people each on a snowmobile / in an ATV. Around a fabulous forest and nearby a living family of taiga residents. Family members amaze with their health and good spirits. In the lodge you will be treated with hot tea. After the tour, we return to the Altai Village Teletskoye hotel. Lunch, dinner on the restaurant menu (for extra charge*). At the request of the group, after lunch, a walk (2 km) to the silver spring. The silver spring has been known for a long time. In 1839, it was consecrated by the Rev. Makari Nevsky, the founder of the Orthodox mission in Altai. The springs water is enriched with silver ions and has healing properties. In the cedar grove near the silver building, there are unusual forces of a 500-year-old cedar, which should do everything possible so that it can cover its powerful trunk, but to cover it in its entirety, at least 4 people are needed.In the cedar grove near the silver construction , there is a 500-year-old cedar with powerfull energy, for embrace its entirety needed at least 4 people.

  • Altai Village Teletskoye Hotel 5 *
  • 30 km - snowmobile / ATV, 2 km - on foot

Breakfast. Transfer to the Katun River Valley. On the way, stop in the village of Manzherok, where the lake of the same name and a ski complex are located. Walk on the chairlift cableway to Mount Sinyuha. A beautiful panorama of the valley of the Katun River and Lake Manzherok opens from a height. Guests can book skiing trips on local pistes. Lunch at the cafe. Next you will find dog sledding along the snowy surface of Lake Manzherok! Dog sledding is a charge of vivacity and incredible sensations from communicating with real sled dogs. Transfer to the resort area of the Katun river valley to the village of Chemal. The name comes from the Altai words “suu” and “eesi”, which means “river spirit”. It is believed that in this place at one time the Altai kams (shamans) will be able to see some of their rites. Accommodation in the eco-resort “Maryin Ostrov”. In the vicinity - an unusual climate, healing air, a rare combination of energy zones that have a unique beneficial effect on the human condition. At your service: A visit to the hydrological complex ``5 Elements`` and a unique natural program for restoring human energy. Dinner at the restaurant.

  • eco-resort “Maryin Ostrov”
  • 240 km - car, 1 km - dog sledding

After breakfast tour “Chemal walk” during which you will visit the Chemal hydroelectric station. Hydroelectric power station, one of the first in the region, built in 1935. Following the “tropical path” along the Katun, we will visit the rocky island of Patmos, where the female monastery of the Barnaul Znamensky Monastery is located. The island is connected to the riverbank by a long suspension bridge. Near the Monastery in the rock the image of the Virgin and Child is cut down. Return to the hotel, lunch. After lunch, departure to the Blue Lakes. The lakes are unstable, disappeared due to a drop in the water level in the Katun River. In winter, the lakes do not freeze, the water temperature in them is ~ 9 degrees Celsius. Extremely powerful springs hit the bottom of the lakes. No warm springs, the keys are cold! They do not succumb even to forty-degree frosts. The most daring can take a swim! Return to the village of Chemal. Dinner at the restaurant.

  • eco-resort “Maryin Ostrov”
  • 120 km - by car, 4 km - by foot

Breakfast. Moving along the foothills of the Altai region to the resort town of Belokurikha, known throughout Russia for its healing properties of aeroionized air and radon water. On the way, stop at the spring ``Arzhan-Suu``. The water in the source is saturated with silver, copper and other mineral impurities, in connection with which it is stored for a long time and, most importantly, has a beneficial effect on improving metabolic processes in the body. Near the springs there is a large souvenir bazaar where you can buy cards, books, art, cedar products. Arrival in the resort area, accommodation at the Business Hotel ``Russia``. Lunch, dinner at the restaurant. In the afternoon, you can try the local ski slopes, visit a variety of water centers or just take a walk around the resort area.

  • Business Hotel ``Russia``
  • 140 km - car

After breakfast, our journey begins with the most visited tourist place of our region - a serpentine rise to the resort under construction Belokurikha-2. An exciting trip is accompanied by stops at viewing platforms and visits to such art objects as a Buddhist stupa for making wishes, a cart with pencils, the famous Pepelats from the movie “Kin-dza-dza”. At the Museum of the History of Blacksmithing, you will meet the only female blacksmith in Siberia and become a participant in a unique master class. Everyone will be able to visit the restored 19th century noble estate “Andreevskaya Sloboda”, where there is a real house of a healer, a barn, a distillery, as well as the “Chocolate Museum”. From all sides there are stunning views of the Altai foothills, which served as a nature for the filming of ``Threads of Shambhala`` and ``Altai Song``. Lunch at the cafe. In the afternoon we will climb the sacred mountain Tserkovka (801 m above sea level). A 20-minute climb on the chairlift, from where a picturesque view of the city and the resort area opens. Walk to the rock Church. Then visit the church of St. Ponteleimon the healer and the eye spring at the temple. Return to the hotel. Dinner.

  • Business Hotel ``Russia``
  • 30 km - by car, 2 km - by foot

ABreakfast in the hotel. Transfer to Barnaul. Along the way, we will visit the unique Swan Lake. Here is one of two wintering places for whooper swans in Russia. The bottom of the lake is sand and pebble, the water is very clean and clear. Water is filled with springs that hit from the ground on the banks and in the center of the lake. Water temperature in summer does not exceed +15, and in winter does not drop below + 5-6 degrees, so the lake does not freeze. This was the reason for the wintering of swans. About 350 of these beautiful birds spend the winter here. In winter, Swan Lake is a truly unforgettable sight - trees covered with hoarfrost, snowdrifts, fog over the water and snow-white birds dissecting the water surface. For those who want to admire the beautiful swans, an observation deck is provided, from where a picturesque panorama of the lake opens, and a bridge that goes into the lake, allowing you to take a closer look at these birds. Lunch in a cafe in Biysk. Arrival in Barnaul, accommodation at the Siberia Hotel in the city center. Dinner (for extra charge*).

  • Siberia Hotel
  • 260 km - car

Breakfast. Transfer at the airport.

  • 25 km - car

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