12 days / 11 nights

Novosibirsk/ Gorno-Altaisk/ Barnaul  – Ust-Koksa – Kucherla River – Kucherlinskoye Lake – Kara-Turek – Belukha Mountain – Lake Ak-Kem – Ak-Kemskiy Glacier and Chapel – Mountain Spirits Lake – Gorge of the Ak-Oyuk River in the Valley of Seven Lakes – Valley Yarlu – Ak- Kem River – Ust-Koksa – Novosibirsk/ Gorno-Altaisk/ Barnaul

Experiences: 2

Ages: 14 – 65+

Starting Point: Novosibirsk/Barnaul/ Gorno-Altaysk

Ending Point: Novosibirsk/Barnaul/ Gorno-Altaysk


Everyone who is seriously engaged in yoga knows the importance of the classroom. Techniques used at home or in the gym, do not have the effect that classes held in nature or in places of particular concentration of energy. We invite you to do yoga in the most beautiful and harmonious places of the Altai region: Uimon Valley, Lake Kucherlinskoye and Belukha Mountain. For a long time this mountain is considered not only the most beautiful natural sight, but also a place of mystical power. Here the Altai shamans communicate with the spirits – after all, according to the deep conviction of the Altaians, Belukha is the place of gods and spirits. It is also claimed that there is an entrance to the Siberian Shambhala, which is impossible to see without possessing spiritual vision. Belukha has a completely unique geographic location, equidistant from three oceans: the Pacific, the Arctic and the Indian. It is the central vertex of the mainland of Eurasia. Belukha is a very strong mountain. It is a kind of energy bridge between the earth and the cosmos, which produces a harmonizing effect on people, increasing their sensitivity and love of nature. Hatha Yoga Instructor is Svetlana Ufimtseva. Yoga tours with Svetlana are held for the 10th year! We invite you to enjoy the nature of Altai and be filled with the energy of nature and yoga.


Departure from Novosibirsk at 20:00. Place of departure - st. Soviet, 65. (local time, the difference with Moscow + 4 hours). Barnaul (Novoaltaisk) - Ust-Koksa Departure from Barnaul at 23:50 (local time, the difference with Moscow is + 4 hours). Place of departure restaurant and hotel complex ``Sea-buckthorn`` (Altai Territory, urban district Novoaltaisk, Novoaltaisk, Dorozhnaya st., 13). Meals on the road - at your own expense.

  • 825 km from Novosibirsk / 640 km from Barnaul (Novoaltaisk)

Departure from Gorno-Altaisk (Airport) at 10:00 – 11:00 at Ust-Koksa. The road passes along the famous Chuisky Tract among the rocky ridges of Gorniy Altai, then along the Kanskaya Steppe to the Uymon Valley. Arrival to the Village of Ust-Koksa to the tourist complex. Dinner. Receiving equipment. Safety Instructions. Dinner, evening dating. In the evening Nidra Yoga on the banks of the Holy Katun River.

  • minibus 375 km

Early wake up. At 8:00 moving to Village Tungur. Rise along the Kucherla River.<br /> At the morning Hatha Yoga. From Tungur transfer by car to the parking ``Elan``. The Kucherla River formed by the confluence of two mountain streams of Myushtu Airy and Koni Airy, has an amazing milky color of water with a turquoise hue. The total length of the river is about 50 km, on its way it cuts through many mountain ranges and moraines, beats in the gorge, forming an almost unbroken chain of complex rapids. On the way, you will see a rock grotto near the Kuilu River, where you can see more than 100 rock paintings. In the evening Breathing Practices.

  • night in tents
  • auto, walking + packhorses 74 km, 12 km

Trek to Kucherlinskoye Lake. In the morning Hatha Yoga. The length of the Lake is 5220 m, the height above sea level is 1790 m, the maximum width is 900 m, the maximum depth is 55 m. In the Kucherla Valley there are more than 40 lakes of tectonic, crusty and moraine origin. The largest of them - Kucherlinskoye Lake - from the east and west is closed by mountain ranges, rushing into it stone scree from a height of 3000 m, from the south by a narrow Kucherla Valley, and from the north by moraine deposits creating a dam. The Lake is filled with ice water of a greenish-blue shade. In the evening Nidra Yoga on the shore of Lake Kucherlinskoye.

  • night in tents
  • walking + pack horses 18 km

Trek under mountain pass Kara-Turek. At the morning Hatha Yoga. Camp at the forest line. In the evening breathing practices.

  • night in tents
  • walking + pack horses 7 km

Сlimb on the mountain pass Kara-Turek. Morning Breathing Practices. Difficulty category 1A, 3060 m, the nature of the obstacles is scree, with a magnificent panoramic view of the Belukha Mountain and the endless peaks of the Katunsky Ridge. Amaizing place for make photos and videos. Overnight in the base camp on the lake Ak-Kem (height above sea level approx. 2010 m). Belukha Mountain herself and the surrounding area is sacred territory. In the evening Nidra Yoga of the shore of Lake Ak-Kem overlooking the Belukha.

  • night in tents
  • walking + pack horses 10 km

Radial Trek to Ak-Kemskiy Glacier and Chapel. At the morning Hatha Yoga. Visit the chapel of the Archangel Michael under Belukha. The trail goes along the Lake Ak-kem, through several picturesque suspension bridges, overcomes heaps of stones in the form of an old moraine and leads to the headwaters Ak-kem River, flowing from the kingdom of ice and cold. Lunch at the Ak-Kemskiy Glacier. Great opportunity for photo and video. In the evening Breathing practices.

  • night in tents
  • on foot 10 km

Morning Breathing Practices. Radial trek to the Mountain Spirits Lake. In the evening Hatha Yoga.

  • night in tents
  • on foot 9 km

Radial Trek in the Gorge of the Ak-Oyuk River in the Valley of Seven Lakes. In the morning Hatha Yoga. There are beautiful Lakes in the head of the River Ak-Oyuk, each of which has its own unique shade: turquoise, green, milky-blue and blue-black. After the excursion dismount to the base camp. In the evening Nidra Yoga of the shore of Lake Ak-Kem overlooking the Belukha.

  • night in tents
  • on foot 8 kilometers

In the morning Hatha Yoga. Excursion to the Gorge Yarlu, where the whole city is built of stones. This place is holy for the followers of Roerich, here the stone town of rounds around the stone is built. In the evening Breathing Practices.

  • night in tents
  • on foot 8 kilometers

Dismount along the Ak- Kem River. Morning breathing practices. ``Ak-Kem`` in Turkish ``White Water``. Indeed, the water in the river has a milky white hue. The river originates from the Ak-Kem Glacier and carries in its waters small pieces of stone lime from the slopes of Belukha. In the evening Hatha Yoga.

  • night in tents
  • on foot 16 km

Dismount to Ust-Koksa. Morning Breathing Practices. Go to the parking ``Three Birches``. Descent to the GAZ-66 to Tungur. Transfer Tungur - Ust-Koksa. Arrival at the tourist complex. Accommodation in the tourist complex in tents. In the evening Nidra Yoga on the shore of the sacred Katun River. Farewell evening.

  • tourist complex
  • on foot, car 8 km, 84 km

Departure to Barnaul (Novoaltaysk)/ Novosibirsk/ Gorno-Altaisk. In the morning Hatha Yoga. Delivery of equipment. A trip to the Buddhist Stupa. According to Buddhist views, stupas have the magic power of good, and help people visiting them to bring harmony into their lives and cleanse themselves from various vices and develop virtues in themselves. Respiratory practices at the Buddhist stupa. At 17:00 (local time, the difference with Moscow is +4 hours) departure to Barnaul (Novoaltaisk) / Novosibirsk. At 21:00 departure to Gorno-Altaisk (part of the group who flies from Gorno-Altaisk). Arrival in Gorno-Altaisk at 03.00 at the airport or hotel.

  • auto, bus / minibus 40 km, 375 km to Gorno-Altaisk, 640 km to Barnaul (Novoaltaisk), 825 km to Novosibirsk

What's included

  • Accommodation

    according to the itinerary

  • Meals

    3 meals a day according to a program

  • Transport

    Airport transfers and all transportation according to the itinerary

  • Excursions

    Interesting sightseeing tours with professional English-speaking guides
    Entrances fees

  • Visa

    Visa support service (invitation)
    All permits and licenses

  • Support

    Emergency line support during the trip
    Registration of foreigners

  • Other

    All taxes and fees
    Pack-horses rental
    Special equipment (tent, sleeping bag, mat, backpack, equipment for camp-fire)


  • Flight

    International and domestic flights

  • Meals

    Other meals what not include in the program

  • Drinks

    All beverages not included in the program

  • Insurance

    Your insurance

  • Transport

    Additional transport what not include in the program

  • Optional Excursions

    Optional tours and services

  • Other

    Accommodation in hotels in Novosibirsk or Barnaul
    All personal expenses


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    end: Saturday 07/25/2020
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What to pack

- warm jacket

- rain gear

- trekking boots, trainers and slippers

- track-suit and warm hat

- 2 - 3 T-shirts, shorts

- 4 pairs of simple socks and 2 pairs of warm ones

- cap and sun-glasses

- bathing suit

- flashlight, knife, matches, electric batteries

- personal tableware

- personal hygiene utensils

Please keep in your mind!

For entry in the Ust-Koksinsky district, foreign citizens must provide some relevant documents to cross the border zone, 60 days prior the proposed date of entry!

Foreign citizens should submit the following documents to travel agency:

- copy of passport

- address

- phone number

- information on the work site (name, address, phone number)